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Blake Lewis, Legendary Ski Technician

We were excited to hear that Blake Lewis was a fan of our aluminum cases. According to TopShelfTuning, “Blake is respected in the alpine racing community from his days as a World Cup technician, where he provided many years of service to the National Ski Teams of Austria, Canada and USST.” The New York Times even referred to him as having “a reputation as the world’s greatest ski tuner.”  Currently, he works as a technician for the Swiss SBX (Snowboard Cross) national team, and is a work-at-height specialist.

He wrote to us, wanting to share his use of ZARGES aluminum cases in his work. He tells us that he’s been a fan of ours since for many years and that he uses ZARGES cases to transport waxing equipment for his clients. Click to watch Blake in action.

Blake tells us, “Most of the images are from work as a Wax technician for the Swiss National team traveling the world, chasing snow, World Cups events and Winter Olympics. As I’ve mentioned I’ve had Zarges boxes since the early eighties (those boxes are still used today) and enjoy seeing other uses like the Swiss Post Office or as a emergency rescue kit in a wind turbine at 80m.

My primary use for my Zarges box(es) are for wax / tool storage and transport. We travel 100k+ miles chasing winter and though my boxes take-a-licking, I don’t have to worry that they will arrive intact with all my special and specific work equipment ready to use.”

I’ve been using Zarges boxes since the early ’80’s. Always stoked to see various applications outside of my normal purview.

Below are some of the photos Blake sent us, showing some of the different cases he’s found uses for.