Olympian Lexi Lagan Stays Smooth with ZARGES

Olympian Lexi Lagan Stays Smooth with ZARGES

“Smooth, smooth, smooth" is the mantra Olympic markswoman Lexi Lagan uses to ensure that when she fires her pistol in competition, her movements are as precise as possible. How does she transport her gear? In a ZARGES, of course.

“Smooth, smooth, smooth.”

It is the mantra Olympic markswoman Lexi Lagan uses to ensure that when she fires her pistol in competition, her movements are as precise as possible. Lexi is an Olympic markswoman who hails from Boulder City, Nevada, and the first American woman to have been invited to a World Cup final. 

But it’s not just the actual firing of the weapon that requires Lexi to be smooth.

It is everything you would expect in an Olympian’s routine.

Lexi has to ensure every aspect of her preparation is perfect. “I have the Olympic rings tattooed on my wrist. That is the level I need to be at for everything I do.” 

It starts with her morning routine, refined by years of intense sports psychology sessions. The routine involves quiet time where she visualizes every aspect of her match day process, from awakening, to summiting the medal stand where a cool ribbon with a gold medal attached is placed around her neck. 

The routine is always the same. Visualization and manifestation play an outsized role in ensuring that Lexi has anticipated all facets of her day and is able to control the controllables.  

What also makes the process smooth is using a ZARGES Case for transportation. 

“I was at the Shot Show with the USA Shooting team, and we all use different cases. When I saw the beautiful silver finish of the ZARGES Case and heard about the customization options that were available, I had to know more.”

It was then that ZARGES worked with Lexi to create a fully custom Lexi Lagan case.

Those who might have grown up hunting or shooting may have a cursory knowledge of how to calibrate and maintain your firearms. Rest assured, an Olympian’s manner is different. 

Lexi’s sport pistol and sights “aren’t calibrated to an integer - they’re calibrated to a fraction.” Oftentimes, a miss of 1/10 of a millimeter – a variance almost indecipherable to the unaided eye – can mean the difference between victory and defeat. 

This means grips fitted specifically for her hands, akin to a surgeon’s equipment.

Triggers very finely weighted, and springs precisely calibrated, so she knows just how much force her index finger has to exert. 

It also means that when she’s traveling halfway across the world to compete, everything needs to be just as she packed it.

USA Shooting Team member Lexi Lagan

That means ZARGES. Lexi worked with ZARGES’ engineering team to construct a laser cut case that will ensure that her elements of competition are on autopilot. World-class athletes thrive on routine. Problem-solving and fixing equipment on the day of an event saps energy when she can least afford to relinquish it.

When she heads to the World Cup in February 2023 – another chance to achieve greatness on an international stage – she will be accompanied by her ZARGES Case. Events like this, and the exposure they bring, allow Lexi and the U.S. Shooting Team to procure necessary funding and sponsorships. 

In the meantime, she will continue to ensure everything is smooth: training her mind and trusting her equipment nestled safely in the case of her choice – a ZARGES.