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Convenient access for safe work on aircraft

ZARGES maintenance dock and tail dock adapt perfectly to any situation

csm_zarges_taildock_841aef0edaA small check for large aircraft: Two privately owned Boeing aircraft in the Zurich-Kloten Station Airport service hangar. A special maintenance dock made by ZARGES ensured safe access to the elegantly appointed interior of the aircraft and allowed maintenance work to be performed all around the boarding area; a custom-designed tail dock was used for work on the aircraft’s tail. Always in sight: Maximum safety for maintenance personnel paired with the best possible access to every area of the aircraft.

Its wide steps and the railing that extends around it make this folding maintenance dock perfect for safe access.. What’s so unique about this solution? The dock can be optimally adapted to the specific aircraft type and the on-site requirements, enabling safe access at all times and preventing damage to the aircraft. The undercarriage also makes it easy to quickly transport the versatile, highly adjustable and compact, folding maintenance dock to a different location.

Also used for this maintenance work: a tail dock for the rear of the aircraft. This custom-designed solution provides access to all areas of the aircraft tail and can be individually adapted to the respective aircraft type. Another interesting feature: Its modular construction enables cost-optimized production. This results in maximum cost savings paired with unrivalled safety.

csm_zarges_wartungstreppe_flugzeug_b0833f0287In addition to custom-designed solutions, ZARGES is also Europe’s market leader for access technology for a variety of standard products for safe access and secure footing while working at great heights. Moreover, the long-established company also offers steps, bridges and platform solutions that can easily be configured.