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Cool Runnings: ZARGES delivers for Antarctic trip

ZARGES, one of Europe’s leading access technology and logistics equipment solutions providers, has played a pivotal role in a recent expedition to Antarctica, for a project coordinated by SP Films. The specialist in blockbuster videography, used in an array of commercials, high profile features, and live events, SP Films was tasked with filming the latest expedition of Endurance Swimmer and UN Patron of the Oceans Lewis Pugh.

The film sees Pugh, known worldwide for being the first person to successfully swim across the North Pole, swimming through the meltwater filled tunnels underneath an Antarctic ice shelf. Working to such a demanding brief, in one of the planet’s most extreme locales, SP Films needed its equipment to be up to the job – and well protected. Steve Peters, the founder and lead drone pilot of SP Films, takes up the story.

“My work takes me all over the world, to some of the most challenging environments you can possibly imagine,” Steve says, “so investing in the right equipment is absolutely pivotal. But that investment comes to nothing if it is damaged in transit or while on location.”

At locations without conventional transport, equipment must be protected without compromise.

“I first purchased a set of ZARGES K470 aluminum cases in 2017 and, since then, have used them in an array of projects internationally. What has blown me away about the K470 is its durability; it’s fair to say I’ve put my cases through their paces during my work, and they’re still pretty much good as new. Very often in a casing of this nature, you’ll notice that extremities – such as seals, clips and clasps – start to show signs of wear and tear after a year or so, but with the K470, they look as robust and secure as the day I bought them.”

“Because a vast majority of my filming projects are carried out in isolated locations, I have to be mindful of travel considerations. Very often, my work takes me to places that aren’t particularly well-served by conventional transport means – something, something particularly true of Antarctica, where whilst there we traveled via DC3, Snowmobile, 4×4’s and on foot. As such, it’s imperative – where possible – that I travel as lightly as I can.”

“Luckily, ZARGES’ K470 is incredibly lightweight, with the aluminum shell making the case both hardy and easy to handle. I estimate that, since switching to ZARGES, I’ve been able to shed in excess of six kilos of case weight. What’s more, the size of the K470 enables me to store a full filming kit in one case – helping me avoid traveling with multiple, cumbersome cases.”

Zarges’ K470 aluminum cases are available in 25 standard sizes, with capacity ranging from 13 to 829 litres and a total load weight of up to 200kg for hazmat. Customized sizes are also available by request. Further bolstering the safety credentials of the casing, the K470 also has UN approval for the transportation of hazardous goods. And, with user ergonomics firmly in mind, the case’s durable Comfort fasteners can last for a minimum of 20,000 use cycles.”

For the ultimate in protection and additional padding for sensitive equipment, the K470 cases are optionally available with a customized foam finish.

Steve concludes: “Since making the switch to ZARGES, I’ve been consistently impressed by the endurance and ease-of-handling of their cases. In a high-octane job that takes me around the world, it’s reassuring to know that my equipment and I can rely on ZARGES.”

All images on this page courtesy of SP Films ©2020 Steve Peters GBCT