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Ellis Vener Photography

Ellis Vener Photography

We always enjoy hearing from enthusiastic users of ZARGES cases. Today we heard from Atlanta-based photographer, Ellis Vener, who has been using ZARGES cases for over 30 years.

“I have owned two mid-size ZARGES cases since sometime in 1985 when I bought them from a small store (now long closed) located in Houston, Texas. That store was owned by a couple whose main business was finding and installing art the world over. that business meant they spent a lot of time on the road and needed the most reliable cases available to make sure the art and the rigging equipment arrived securely and intact.

Ellis Vener Photography
Photo © by Ellis Vener,


“Back then I was a young struggling photographer and buying those two cases sorely stretched my budget to buy those cases but in 30 years of traveling as a professional commercial and industrial photographer they have never let me down. Even today they remain both dust and water tight and I like that in a pinch they are useful as platforms when I need a little higher vantage point.

“ZARGES makes great gear and if more traveling photographers and videographers knew about them them, they’d wonder why on earth they ever thought they needed the dead weight of heavy, non stackable plastic cases or worse, Anvil-type cases to protect their fragile gear.”