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German Sports Teams Rely on ZARGES K424 Roller Cases

German sports teams have to carry a lot of gear with them when they travel. The teams require a vast amount of gear not only to ensure that players have their jerseys, shorts and protectors but also to transport cones and pylons for training and sophisticated equipment for medical professionals and physiotherapists. Naturally, all of this highly valuable gear needs to be securely stowed.

Equipment Manager Emil Ries of EC Peiting Ice Hockey Club
Equipment Manager Emil Ries of EC Peiting Ice Hockey Club

EC Peiting have a lot of gear to transport with them when they’re on the go. The third league ice hockey club from Upper Bavaria has used robust aluminum cases from ZARGES for years, and is now using the new ZARGES K 424 XC Roller Cases. The advantage of this innovation: Practical casters and a telescopic handle are built into a small, additional frame below the case, making them ready for use when needed. This enables the team to fully utilize all of the space inside the Roller Cases, which are also easy to stack.

For team manager Gordon Borberg, the wheeled cases relieve a tremendous burden on the support crew. “You can pull the gear behind you and you always have one hand free to carry something else or open a door,” he reports on his first experiences using the cases while getting ready for the new season. “But the cases are still easy to stack on the bus.” Additional advantages include their light weight and splash-proof design, which protects the contents inside the cases. Naturally, the team manager also has an eye on EC Peiting’s budget: “The cases are so sturdy and robust – they’re virtually indestructible. That’s important, because they can get tossed around a lot.” EC Peiting has used the earlier model ZARGES cases for over 20 years.

The national football league team 1. FSV Mainz 05 has relied on the quality of ZARGES cases to transport their gear for years now: “Very stable, practically stackable and extremely robust, making it possible to use them for many years” – these characteristics persuaded the responsible decision-makers for the national league team.

The Mainz-based team received some behind-the-scenes reinforcement for the current season, during which the players will take part for the first time in three competitions requiring travel throughout Europe: The team expanded its gear to include a total of 25 K424 XC Roller Cases. “We took a good look at the market before making our decision to purchase the new K424 XC Roller Cases from ZARGES,” reports team manager Darius Salbert. They meet the team’s demanding standards. After all: “We want to be able to use them for years to come,” he explains further.

FSV Mainz 05 Football Club Equipment Manager Walter Notter
FSV Mainz 05 Football Club Equipment Manager Walter Notter

Equipment Manager Walter Notter is particularly pleased with the built-in casters featured in the new ZARGES cases. “This makes them far more economical and simplifies transport considerably,” he says as he hands the cases to colleagues so that they can pull them along behind them. Before he often had to carry the cases himself – or load them onto a dolly first. Now the whole process is much faster: Simply pull the integrated handle out from the bottom of the Roller Case – and you’re ready to go.

“The Roller Cases are a huge step forward for us,” adds team manager Salbert, noting how much easier it is to handle the team’s considerable amount of gear. Mainz 05 doesn’t pack light for its away games: When they take part in a regular national league match the team generally brings along 20 or 25 cases, most of which are ZARGES cases. They even took over 50 pieces of luggage with a total weight of 4,800 lbs. with them when they visited the training camp in the United States. Especially practical: Despite the built-in casters and the pull-out handle, ZARGES cases remain stackable and can be loaded onto buses, for example, in a stable, yet space-saving way. “With ZARGES boxes, we can be sure that our equipment arrives safe and sound,” stresses Salbert.