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K424 XC: The right tools for prevention

The K424 XC mobile transport case makes work easier while protecting employees’ backs

ZARGES K424 XC46% of all people complain of back pain – often caused by heavy lifting and carrying in skilled trade and industry jobs. “It doesn’t have to be this way,” according to the transport experts at ZARGES. The K424 XC offers a portable solution for the popular and proven aluminum transport cases that not only provides secure packaging, but also makes transport simple and easy on workers’ backs thanks to the built-in wheels.

Investments in effortless, ergonomically optimized transport are certain to pay off. Surveys conducted on the subject indicate ~100 million days of work were lost in 2010 alone due to musculoskeletal pain – resulting in a loss of productivity of billions of dollars.

Money is not the only issue here – employee health and safety is the primary concern. “Occupational health and safety regulations require employers to ensure employee safety in their organizations,” says ZARGES GMbH Product Manager Michael Blum. Stresses must be reduced and the ability to work must be sustainable. After all: “Continuous over straining, often due to improper lifting, can cause the inter-vertebral disc to tear, which in turn can lead to a slipped disc,” says orthopedist Professor Dr. Per Krueger.

ZARGES K424 XCOf course, correct behavior can also play a key role in preserving health. However, sometimes it is simply impossible to avoid this stress. “Then employers have a responsibility to provide employees with the right tools,” adds Michael Blum. Above all, the right tools lighten the load on employees by enabling them to pull or push objects instead of lifting and carrying them.

The new K424 XC aluminum transport case is the perfect tool for these scenarios. Available in six different sizes, the box’s built-in wheels and integrated telescopic handle make transporting heavy items a breeze. Yet key product features are retained, including the legendary quality, the spacious interior and the case’s practical stackability. An additional 1.8″ high support frame ensures optimum mobility by integrating both the standard 2″ casters and pull-out handle. An optional 4.9″ plastic wheel set can be attached in just two easy steps to help navigate uneven terrain. 8.7″ air-filled rubber tires can be added for tough, off-road use. These tires are the ideal solution when transporting the case on uneven surfaces, in sandy areas or when moving particularly heavy items. The cases also feature a wide range of interior fittings to ensure versatility, including an inside pocket or a lid pocket for small items. Custom-fit foam inserts are also available.