ZARGES Cases for Mil-Aero / Gov

ZARGES Cases for Military

ZARGES aluminum cases are a critical element of government logistics. Our shipping and transport cases and our rackmount cases have been successfully deployed in many applications including: land and air vehicles, mobile hospitals, emergency response units, hazardous material transport, and ground communications. Programs that have strict SWaP (Space, Weight and Power) budgets benefit from the lighter weight of aluminum and the greater usable space when compared to plastic cases.

ZARGES cases have been designed to meet multiple MIL specs including MIL-STD-285 and MIL-STD 810. Our aluminum cases have been successful for ammunitions and firearms packaging, satellite protection, and in-theatre communication systems. ZARGES cases are also essential in the transport and security of equipment for police, emergency medical services and firefighters. UN Certification for hazmat transport and storage is also available.

ZARGES Transit Cases for Military

ZARGES K470 transit case for military

ZARGES aluminum transit cases are offered in many stock and custom sizes and provide a variety of features, including high IP ratings, integrated casters, stacking corners and integrated locks.

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ZARGES Rackmount Cases for Military

ZARGES Mitraset rackmount cases for military

ZARGES aluminum rackmount cases for electronics provide rugged protection for extreme conditons in a lightweight package.

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