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ZARGES complete hospital solutions

The modular system for the healthcare sector boosts efficiency

ZARGES complete hospital solutions

Interview with Sonja Losch, Sales Manager of Medical Systems at ZARGES GMbH, on the benefits of the modular supply and storage system in the healthcare sector.

Question: How can ZARGES help clinics boost the efficiency of their materials management systems?

Sonja Losch: Cost pressure is tremendous in the healthcare industry and it is forcing purchasing and materials management departments in these facilities to rethink their approach to storing medical supplies. Conventional materials management processes have serious disadvantages when it comes to factors such as efficiency and costs. In many cases, supplies are stored in a disorganized way in nursing wards and operational areas, and storage conditions often do not meet hygiene requirements. Manual ordering processes are time-consuming and reading and writing errors can result in the wrong products being delivered. Imprecisely defined order quantities can lead to over or understocking certain items. Another danger resulting from the lack of a systematic storage process is the risk of products exceeding their expiration date.

Question: What are some of the specific advantages offered by the ZARGES modular system?

Sonja Losch: The ability to equip nursing wards with identically stocked modular cabinets and barcode labels for all consumables used on a recurring basis improves storage organization and makes the order process more efficient. The first-in/first-out (Fi/Fo = dual storage system) uses an inventory analysis to determine and set the consumed quantities at one of two different frequencies. These precisely defined order and restocking quantities help create a constant flow of materials, which virtually eliminates over or understocking and ensures that all supplies are always stocked in the same storage location. The modular system also features designated, precisely configured compartment sizes for each item. This helps ensure the right storage and order quantities, thereby freeing up capital in the various nursing units.
Each material is affixed with an order label in its storage location. The label contains all of the relevant information (e.g. ordering unit/room/cabinet/compartment/sub-compartment and order quantity) in clear text and in a barcode. This means that the actual order can be placed using what are known as supply wizards by simply scanning the barcodes. Nursing staff can trigger the order process by either using a colour-coded label or sliding the clip on the innovative new ZARGES traffic light system to indicate the requirement. The supply wizard can also take care of sorting the deliveries. All of these capabilities significantly reduce the burden on nursing staff, so that they can concentrate on their core responsibility – taking care of patients.

Question: How was the ZARGES modular system developed?

Sonja Losch: The ZARGES modular system has been around for almost 20 years. From the very beginning we focused on practical applications and took advantage of our close contact with partners and customers to continuously enhance, further develop and add meaningful new innovations to this system. Our sales representatives are always interested in what customers have to say and work closely with our engineers to create new products based on their findings.

At ZARGES Medical, we are interested in more than just products. We also want to partner with our customers over the long term, which is why we offer them support from the analysis to planning phase, to delivery and implementation and deployment of our modular supply systems.