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Overland Journal review of the ZARGES K470

Overland Journal K470 Review

In the Summer 2016 issue of Overland Journal, Editor-in-Chief Chris Collard relates his experiences with the ZARGES aluminum shipping and storage cases. Starting with Expedition 7’s trip through Antarctica, he described how they were used for storage and transport, “stuffed with volumes of gear that would have created a hemorrhage” in other cases. He goes on to detail his personal use of ZARGES cases on his Toyota Tacoma truck. His case of choice is the IGBC-certified grizzly bear-resistant K470, SKU 40678, which he uses for mess kits and food storage. Citing ZARGES’ robust build quality, IP rating, stainless steel latches and stackable corners, he declared, “The choice was clear. …Dang they are tough. The K470s are lightweight, rugged and weather resistant. Bravo!”

Read the whole article here [PDF format]: Zarges Overland Journal review K470