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Case Sizing

diagram showing description of external dimension terms
diagram showing description of internal dimension terms

To search for a case by dimensions, please visit our Case Finder page. To view a list of all available case sizes, please visit our Case Sizes page.


Frequently Asked Questions

These are answers to our most frequently asked questions. If yours has not been answered, please contact us.


What levels of IP protection do ZARGES containers provide?
There are various degrees of impermeability and these are sub-divided into IP protection categories. The degree of protection is designated by a 2-digit system. The first digit denotes the degree of protection against solid substances; the second digit gives the degree of protection against water. Depending on the product line, there are containers which offer protection against water spray, IP 54 (K470), protection against water jets, IP 65 (Mitraset or K470 IP 65) as well as immersion-proof or moisture vapor proof containers IP 67 (K475, P472).
Is ZARGES USA ITAR and DDTC registered?
Yes, ZARGES USA is ITAR Certified and registered with the DDTC.
Are ZARGES cases lockable?
Yes, models K470, K424 XC and K475 can be locked with a 6mm shackle-type lock. In addition, lead seals using a 3mm seal wire may be employed. The K411 comes standard with lockable fasteners. Installed locks are also an option for the K470.
Does ZARGES offer TSA locks?
Yes, we offer a shackle lock with 3-digit, user-determined number combination which can be opened by USA TSA agents without damage.
What temperature ranges do ZARGES cases operate in?
ZARGES cases are rated to operate in extreme temperatures from -112°F to 302°F.
What types of padding / foam can ZARGES USA install in cases?
We can install several types of foam at our Charlotte, NC, Tech Center, including polyethylene, polyurethane, and antistat. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
What gauge of aluminum does ZARGES use in case construction?
1, 1.5 or 2mm thicknesses depending on series and size of container. The equivalent would be 18 gauge, 15 gauge or 12 gauge aluminum sheet.
What is the maximum load capability of the handles?
Tests show a maximum carrying capability of 66 lbs. per handle.
What is the maximum load for a K470 case?
Cases with two handles are rated for 132 lbs. Cases with four handles are rated for 264 lbs. Load capacity can be increased further by fitting a pallet underneath.
Can ZARGES cases be carried on airplanes?
Yes, our cases are ATA 300 certified, and many of them are available in appropriate carryon sizes.


What accessories does ZARGES USA offer for aluminum cases?
Accessories range from dollys, trolleys and removable casters to standard internal fittings such as Pick’n’Pluck foam, divider sets and lid inserts to customer-specified foam inserts, painting, lettering and other add-ons. Contact us for details.
What color options do you offer?
We offer twenty color choices for an additional fee for many of our products. We can offer custom RAL colors by special request. Please fill out our Custom quote form for more details.
Can cases be customized with embossed lettering or a corporate trademark?
Yes, we can emboss your message or trademark using DIN standard lettering. Lettering height is approximately 3/4″, single or multiple line, with a maximum line length of approx. 16 characters. Please fill out our Custom quote form for more details.
What are the costs and requirements for UN Approval for hazmat transport?
We can only certify cases at time of purchase. We charge $81.68 per case. We have Hazmat certification for several of the cases we offer. We are certified for packaging groups I,II,III. Typically, modification of any kind to the containers will not allow us certify and the modified container must go through individual testing for certification. Please contact us for more information.
Can you ship Lithium Ion batteries in your cases?
Yes, ZARGES is manufacturer of IATA, 49CFR, and IMDG-compliant shipping and storage cases for LI Ion batteries in all stages of battery life. Please visit our Lithium Ion Battery information page or contact us for assistance.
Will ZARGES USA provide 3D models of cases?
Yes, we can email you a 3D file upon request, if you contact us. You will be required to sign an NDA before we will send the file.
How are K475 and Mitraset military cases supplied to the customer?
We deliver the K475 and Mitraset unpainted as standard, because aluminum does not need paint to protect it against corrosion. However, ZARGES will provide painting for an additional charge.
What are the options for fitting pallets under containers?
Aluminum pallets may be bolted on or tack welded. Wooden pallets and Secupal pallets may be bolted on.


What countries does sell to? offers sales only within the United States. Other North American customers should call the office to arrange your purchase over the phone. Customers outside North America should contact us or visit
May I use a credit card from another country?
If you are purchasing on the website, the credit card used must be issued by a United States bank. However, you may use an international card if you call the office to place your order.
Do you ship out of the United States?
If you call the office to place your order, we can ship to Canada. For anywhere else outside of the US, we can ship to the customer’s freight forwarding company located within the US.
Does ZARGES USA work with shipping agents to foreign countries?
Yes, with shipping terms EX WORKS. Customer is responsible for contracting the shipper and for all customs duties and fees.
I am Tax Exempt. How do I enter my certificate?
Forward a PDF copy of your certificate to For US federal exemptions, you may enter an exempt number at checkout. Please watch this video for how to enter your tax exemption information at checkout.
What are the warranty terms on ZARGES cases?
One Year on Workmanship. More information here.
What is the minimum quantity for custom orders?
We can create one-off customized products, but it is more cost-effective with a minimum of ten items.


How may I get further documentation or a printed catalog?
Our Data Sheets and Catalogs page contains catalogs, data sheets, case studies, white papers, certifications and test reports. If you want a printed catalog, please request one via the contact form.
I am an aluminum manufacturer and I am interested in providing casting / forging services for ZARGES USA. Whom should I contact?
All of our cases are constructed by ZARGES in Germany, and we have a Tech Center in Charlotte, NC for customization. We are not in need of additional manufacturers at this time.
I have a wonderful advertising / promotion / media idea for ZARGES USA. Whom should I contact?
TISOAA is the agency who handles our advertising and marketing. Please contact them at with your inquiries.

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Custom optionsThe ZARGES Y-Case aluminum shipping and storage case has set the standard in Europe for years providing excellent versatility and a rugged design. They are stackable with cast aluminum stacking corners and feet. Perforated side walls allow the case to be easily converted for customized internal dividers. The Y-Case is designed especially for military transport and storage applications and is available with UN HazMat Certification.

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Scroll down for available sizes, more product information, reviews, and UN HazMat Certification.

Available Sizes
SKU External*
L × W × H”
L × W”
L × W × H”
45051 16.26 × 11.93 × 10.27 13.94 × 9.41 14.96 × 10.43 × 8.66 9.3 1,351 Please Call
335597 16.26 × 11.93 × 19.96 13.94 × 9.41 14.96 × 10.43 × 18.35 n/a 2,863 Please Call
41708 20.94 × 15.16 × 12.07 18.62 × 12.64 19.65 × 13.66 × 10.43 11.5 2,800 Please Call
45037 23.15 × 19.41 × 16.64 20.83 × 16.89 21.85 × 17.91 × 14.76 17.6 5,776 Please Call
45050 23.74 × 16.46 × 10.30 21.42 × 13.94 22.44 × 14.96 × 8.66 14.1 2,907 Please Call
45052 23.74 × 16.46 × 19.99 21.42 × 13.94 22.44 × 14.96 × 18.35 16.8 6,160 Please Call
40790 23.86 × 12.44 × 15.24 21.53 × 9.92 22.56 × 10.94 × 13.60 12.8 3,357 Please Call
40792 23.86 × 12.44 × 22.90 21.53 × 9.92 22.56 × 10.94 × 21.26 13.9 5,247 Please Call
45055 32.52 × 23.98 × 10.30 30.20 × 21.46 31.22 × 22.48 × 8.66 25.1 6,078 Please Call
45053 32.52 × 23.98 × 19.99 30.20 × 21.46 31.22 × 22.48 × 18.35 30.4 12,878 Please Call
45054 32.52 × 23.98 × 29.83 30.20 × 21.46 31.22 × 22.48 × 28.19 37.5 19,784 Please Call
45036 46.77 × 19.41 × 16.64 44.45 × 16.89 45.47 × 17.91 × 14.76 30.9 12,020 Please Call
45058 47.56 × 32.76 × 10.38 45.24 × 30.20 46.26 × 31.22 × 8.66 39.7 12,507 Please Call
45056 47.56 × 32.76 × 20.07 45.24 × 30.20 46.26 × 31.22 × 18.35 50.7 26,502 Please Call
45057 47.56 × 32.76 × 29.91 45.24 × 30.20 46.26 × 31.22 × 28.19 56.7 40,713 Please Call

* External case base dimensions are smaller than the dimensions of the case lid. For applications where precision is required please contact ZARGES. Clearance refers to the size of the case opening.

More Product Info

ZARGES Y-Case Aluminum Case for Military Use

The ZARGES Y-Case is especially designed for military use. All case sizes can be stacked on top of one another. Perforations in the case walls allow for custom internal dividing schemes. The cases are delivered with the holes closed off with blind screws. The case features welded joints throughout, with a durable aluminum shell. The lid and base feature stacking corners, compatible with other sizes of the Y-Case, and other cases with stacking corners in the ZARGES product family.

The lid is either entirely removable or attached with a stainless steel hinge, depending on size. A circumferential seal in the lid provides a rating IP 54, and the case is watertight up to the lower edge of the exterior drop handles.

Optional UN hazardous goods certification available in all sizes. Other options include custom sizing, labeling and exterior finishes, foam inserts and linings. Insert bins and base plates are also available, and the case can be made completely non-magnetic by special request.

All cases are registered with stock numbers. Clearance dimensions approx. 1.18 inch lower than internal dimensions (length and width). All standard cases are provided without paint and without labels. 

ZARGES Y-Case Applications:

ZARGES Y-Case General Features:

  • Resilient base, edge, and cover frame made from aluminum
  • Suitable for assembly in a rack or container
  • Casing joint welded throughout
  • Cast aluminum stacking corners on cover
  • Stacking feet on base with interior and exterior mounting holes
  • Clearance measurement approx. 1.2″ less than internal dimension (length and width)
  • Ergonomic & durable C. fasteners for at least 20,000 operating cycles
  • Drop handles on sides, can support up to 110 lbs.
  • Hinged lid or removable lid, based on model
  • Lid with circumferential seal
  • Watertight up to lower edge of the drop handle with a silicon seal inside on the base
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UN HazMat Certification

UN HazMat Certification

UN certification for Hazardous Materials is available for this family of cases. ZARGES, Inc. provides testing at our Charlotte facility for a fee of $75. Click for more information.
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