ZARGES Mitraset Classic
ZARGES Mitraset Classic
ZARGES Mitraset Classic
ZARGES Mitraset Classic
ZARGES Mitraset Classic
ZARGES Mitraset Classic
ZARGES Mitraset Classic
ZARGES Mitraset Classic
ZARGES Mitraset Classic
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Mitraset Classic

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Custom Options The ZARGES MITRASET® rackmount case is the ultimate protection for 19" electronics in all environments from the desert to the arctic. The precision-welded MITRASET housing is made from high-strength aluminum sheets and profiles and protects sensitive electronic equipment against extreme temperature conditions, moisture and electromagnetic interference, while a specially designed anti-vibration frame cushions against mechanical shocks, impact or vibrations. Alternately, the MITRASET Half-Rack provides the same standards for half-sized, 9.5", electronics.

    • For loads up to 220 lbs.

    • Two interchangeable lids with ½ turn latches, 4 per lid. Optional lock available

    • IP 65 rating due to welded casing and lid with all-round seal

    • Completely removable anti-vibration frame

    • Custom layout of dampening elements according to client specifications

    • Stackable

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Mitraset Aluminum Rackmount Cases for 19" Electronics

MITRASET rackmount cases are designed to accommodate electronic devices in a 19" rack. They protect equipment against a wide range of influences, including mechanical influences such as shock, impact and vibrations, electromagnetic interference from radio waves, lightning, etc., as well as general environmental effects such as heat, moisture, dust etc.

Structural rigidity of aluminum eliminates distortion resulting from high temperature exposure; interchangeable lids and ½ turn latches replace mismatched rackmount lids and knuckle busting latches. The cases are watertight to a rating of IP 65 and provide good heat dissipation.

The MITRASET passed the EMI/RFI shielding requirements of 60dB from 150kHz to 18GHz. The tests were performed at Chomerics, Inc. of Woburn MA.  As a custom option, Mitraset  cases can be fitted with a EMI shielding gasket made from Chomerics CHO-SEAL 1285, which is silver-plated aluminum in silicone and provides additional shielding between 90-110 dB. You may request the EMI test results via the EMI Shielding tab below.

Undesirable mechanical vibrations often occur in transport and in many other applications. These may have a negative effect on the function of electronic components and thus represent an increased safety risk.  ZARGES MITRASET 19" rackmount cases offer a solution to vibration problems in military, aeronautical and aerospace applications as well as in industry. The casing is made from precision-welded high-strength aluminum sheets and profiles to which an shock-isolated anti-vibration frame made of extruded sections is fitted. The equipment to be protected is inserted in this frame and screwed in position. The anti-vibration frame is connected to the casing via rails and rubber shock mounts, whereby the material and type of mount are selected in accordance with the application in question.

With the MITRASET Classic RRF (Removable Rack Frame), the 19" swing frame can be removed at any time, quickly and without tools, even if 19" racks are already inserted. This means when removing the swing frame, systems and cables can be installed easily and comfortably, since the equipment is accessible from all sides. Rackmount cases with removable swing frame are used for prototypes and as cases for components that often need to be switched.

A special surface coating ensures that the swing frame slides easily. The standard case is equipped with a bonding system (grounding system). The compact design means that the entire nominal height of the MITRASET Classic RRF is available for installation. Compared to the products of competitors, MITRASET rackmount cases do not sacrifice any rack height for security; even with added locks, the exterior dimensions remain unchanged.

Whatever your program requirement, ZARGES can engineer a solution. EMI/RF Shielding, I/O Panels, and custom reinforcement are just a few of the ways that ZARGES works with our clients to provide solutions to unique packaging challenges. We offer over 50 standard sizes of the MITRASET, and we can fabricate cases in custom sizes up to 22U. We also offer UN Certification for the Transport of Hazardous Materials.


    • Industry and Manufacturing

    • Military, Aerospace and Government

    • Mobile Communications

    • Rugged Environments

    • Satellites

    • Science and Research

ZARGES MITRASET General Features:

    • Anti-vibration frame is connected to the shell by rails and rubber bearings. The material and type of bearings are selected according to the specific requirements in each case

    • Stable frame profile with integrated floating mounts for fasteners

    • Sides with recessed sprung drop handles

    • Recesses suitable for securely installing pressure equalization valve and humidity indicator.

    • All the sides and the lid are stiffened with molded sections

    • Eight rubber bearings with sliding rails to accommodate the anti-vibration frame

    • Lid with toggle-action snap fasteners

    • Variable designs for different depths and heights

    • Welded-in rear wall is an option for all casings

Other Notes

    • Height of lid = 2.48". Height of special lid varies according to design

    • Height of casing with stacking foot = external dimension (nominal size) + .45". Depth of special lid varies according to design.

    • Comprehensive range of accessories for many applications.

Mitraset Data SheetMilitary Rackmount Cases

MITRASET EMI test results

Mitraset EMI shielding effectiveness

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