ZARGES MITRASET RACKLITE Aluminum Rackmount Case for 19" Electronics
Mitraset Racklite
Mitraset Racklite
Mitraset Racklite
Mitraset Racklite


Mitraset Racklite

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Custom Options The ZARGES MITRASET RACKLITE aluminum rackmount case for 19" electronics is appropriate for programs with strict size and weight (SWaP) budgets. It features EMI/RFI shielding, IP65 rating, two interchangeable lids with spring latches, corner bumpers, and recessed sprung drop handles. Inside, the anti-vibration frame is connected to the shell via eight rubber dampers and two grounds. For even more space and weight savings, the MITRASET RACKLITE BASIC is available without the corner bumpers.

    • For loads up to 132 lbs.

    • Standard shock isolation system. Mitigation to custom specifications available

    • Protection class IP 65 through seam-welded housing and lid with peripheral seal

    • Easily stackable even with varying height and depth

    • Lid with spring steel latches

    • Thermoplastic elastomer corner bumpers on cases and lids

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Mitraset Racklite Aluminum Rackmount Cases for 19" Electronics

The MITRASET RACKLITE is ZARGES’ light rackmount case series with 19" swing frames for low to medium installation weights. The RACKLITE can support weights of up to 132 lbs. and provides a comparable level of IP65 environmental protection and EMI/RFI shielding to the MITRASET Classic. Unlike the Classic, the RACKLITE’s performance cannot be augmented beyond the stock configuration.

The RACKLITE’s thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) corner bumpers allow for improved protection of the external finish, increased stackability, and additional protection in case of accidental impact. The two interchangeable lids feature traditional ZARGES comfort snap fasteners with integrated spring burst protection and a circumferential seal to keep out dust and moisture. External spring-loaded handles are located in recesses on either side and can support up to 110 lbs. of weight.

The ZARGES MITRASET RACKLITE is the ideal rackmount case for housing 19" electronics where space and weight savings are desired in a rugged enclosure. With 40 standard sizes, a wide variety of accessories, and custom fabrication available, ZARGES can work with you to engineer the optimal solution for your needs.


    • Industry and Manufacturing

    • Military, Aerospace and Government

    • Mobile Communications

    • Rugged Environments

    • Satellites

    • Science and Research


    • Fits 19" electronics and equipment

    • 40 standard sizes, variable designs with different depths and heights

    • The anti-vibration frame is connected to the housing via eight rubber dampers and two ground straps

    • Stable frame profile with integrated floating mounts for fasteners

    • Lid with spring snap fasteners with protection against bursting open

    • Sides with recessed sprung drop handles

    • All sides and lid stiffened with molded sections

    • Comprehensive range of accessories for many applications

    • Seal-welded version made from high-strength aluminum sheets and profiles

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