MP5K - K411
ZARGES K411 Attaché Case
ZARGES K411 Attaché Case
MP5K - K411
MP5K - K411
MP5K - K411


MP5K - K411

Weight: 6.2 lb
Sale price$499.00 USD
Product sku:41715 with MP5K foam layout

“This is your chance to own a VERY limited case with a specialized foam insert cut specifically for the MP5K-PDW (with Choate folding stock), a spare 30rd mag, and Silencerco Omega9K suppressor. Zarges USA in conjunction with The Guys Tampa, LLC spent 5 months perfecting the layout and cut for a one-of-a-kind case for a very special weapon platform. We have 28 cases inbound from Zarges GmbH and once they are sold out, the 41715 will be gone forever. Treat yourselves to a fine German case, for your fine German firearm! It’s our pleasure to offer these to you and hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

~ Adam & Jamison

The Guys Tampa"

*Foam can be trimmed by the end user to adapt other suppressor models, etc. Please allow extended time for order completion as these are custom and built as orders come in. Thank you.

    ZARGES K411 Gun Case

    The ZARGES K411 Attaché case combines the quality craftsmanship and long product life you expect from a ZARGES aluminum case, combined with the elegance of a new, modern design and the durability to handle any task. The sturdy aluminum shell and the durable plastic siding means this is a case that will last for years to come.

    The ZARGES K411 Attaché case is available as a bare case or with an MP5 custom foam insert. The integrated seal in the lid keeps out dust and moisture, while the rugged frame securely cradles the contents. For even greater protection, contact ZARGES to engineer and install a custom foam lining for your exact needs. Or, ZARGES can design and fabricate a custom solution, tailored to your exact needs.

    ZARGES K411 Features and details:

      • Ergonomic grip, for the best carrying comfort and stability

      • Resistant to dust and water via all-around seal integrated into the case lid

      • Space-saving folding grip for both of the smallest sizes

      • Available inner liner with prop latch

      • Durable construction while being light in weight

      • Easy-to-use locks with integrated burst-protection and combination lock

      • Plastic components protect sensitive surfaces from scratches

      • Exclusive design– elegant and modern for the perfect look

      • Surfaces made of high-quality anodized aluminum profiles and scratch-resistant, innovative plastic shells