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ZARGES K424 XC with custom foam

Protect what’s important

Custom foam inserts for ZARGES cases

Many companies rely on robust aluminium cases from ZARGES to safely transport materials, spare parts or tools. Custom foam inserts help protect the contents of these cases even more effectively. In addition to the standard version with pre-perforated foam cubes, ZARGES also offers custom foam inserts, specially cut to protect the specific contents of your case.

ZARGES can use photos, drawings, 3D data or the original parts to develop custom-tailored padding inserts for optimum protection. There are so many materials and colors to choose from, making it possible to adapt cases any time to conform to your corporate image guidelines or other special requirements, such as antistatic, dissipative or flame-retardant designs. ZARGES can also calculate the protective effect of the finished packing material in advance and incorporate a number of different factors such as fall height, sensitivity or weight into these calculations. This helps perfectly adapt the case interior to user requirements – maximum protection with the minimum amount of raw materials necessary.

Custom foam inserts make ZARGES cases the perfect transport solution for sensitive materials. Their low dead weight, high stability, practical stackability and extreme durability are additional advantages provided by ZARGES cases, which many companies have used for decades. For convenient transport ZARGES now offers the K424 XC in six different sizes with an integrated telescopic handle and casters.