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The safe way to transport gear

The Huberbuam (brothers Thomas and Alexander Huber) are known for their extreme expeditions. No mountain seems unconquerable, no journey too long for them not to climb where no one has climbed before. However, these types of expeditions, for example to the Himalayas in Nepal or Pakistan, are more than simply a great adventure; they are also a logistical challenge. Materials and provisions often need to be transported across rough terrain on foot on treks that can last for days. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that everything is safely stowed away and can be transported simply in lightweight cases.

ZARGES, the leading manufacturer of transport and logistics solutions made from aluminium has supported the Huberbuam with high-quality, sturdy ZARGES cases for years. Some of these cases have already survived multiple expeditions and are used over and over again.

ZARGES cases are especially ideal for use in extreme conditions. Aluminium is not only a robust material, but also exceptionally light. Both of these characteristics are essential for use on expeditions. Much of the Huberbuam gear is extremely valuable and ZARGES cases ensure it remains well protected. At the same time, the aluminium cases can also be loaded to maximum capacity thanks to their light weight. Yet they are still comfortable and easy to carry. The robust material paired with ZARGES’ high quality makes these cases so durable that they have been used on multiple expeditions.

“The Huberbuam’s extreme expeditions are a good example of the durability and possibilities for using our cases,” says Michael Blum, Product Manager at ZARGES GMbH. And ZARGES will continue to accompany the Bavarian extreme athletes on their treks in the future.