Sustainability: For us more than environmental protection

ZARGES is committed to acting in a sustainable and responsible manner. We aspire to combine long-term economic value creation with environmental and social responsibility. Our aim is to create more value for customers, employees and investors and to fulfil our responsibility towards the environment, people and society.

“For us, sustainability is not a marketing instrument, but a voluntary commitment that goes beyond pure climate protection. We strive to create more value with fewer resources and to do so in harmony with economic, ecological and social responsibility. The future ZARGES Sustainability Council is responsible for projects develop that helps us to achieve our goals step by step.”

Maximilian Treptow, CEO

Sustainability means much more than environmental protection to WernerCo and the ZARGES brand. This is of course a central element; nevertheless, it all boils down to preserving the ability of future generations to develop in every regard. As with a person’s consumption behaviour, a company’s value creation processes have to be informed by this principle.

The 3+1 pillars of sustainability

The three-pillar model of sustainable development suggests that sustainability can only be achieved when environmental, economic, and social goals are placed on equal footing. This will allow us to ensure that a society’s economic, environmental and social development head in the right direction and that performance improves as a whole.

Pillar #1 – Environmental sustainability

Protection of the environment and nature. Resource-conscious use of energy, water, and raw materials must become our second nature, particularly when it comes to non-renewable resources. The purpose is to avoid harming the ecosystem and instead promote biodiversity. Emissions of all forms (contamination of air, soil, or water) must be prevented and treated so that they do not cause any harm.

Pillar #2 – Social sustainability

Fair pay, decent working conditions, and safeguarding of employee interests – nevertheless, general welfare should always be taken into account and financial success should be used to ease social tension and offset uneven distribution of privileges in the society.

Pillar #3 – Economic sustainability

Neither we as a company nor the society should be living and conducting business beyond the natural means. An economy built upon exploitation will

inevitably result in detrimental consequences for later generations and does not secure livelihoods in the long term. Conducting business in a fair and socially responsible manner is a fundamental principle of our company philosophy.

Pillar #4 – Safety

As a manufacturer of safety-related work equipment, ZARGES is also dedicated to an additional pillar of sustainability: safety. Through our products and processes, we not only ensure the safety of our employees but also help our customers create a safe work environment, thereby playing a part in improving predictability and occupational safety.

Arrival in the Antarctic - time to unload (photo: Thomas Steuer, Alfred Wegener Institute)
Pepi Culver

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