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Switching Sides from Plastic to Aluminum Cases

K470_40859_02A new customer who had done a lot of research into transit cases for their products compared our aluminum cases to our competitors’ composite cases. Their findings convinced them to stop using roto-molded plastic cases and invest in ZARGES cases, to save weight and increase usable space. ZARGES aluminum cases are smaller, lighter, and allow for more cargo in the same footprint as our competitors.

Below, we have reproduced the table they sent us, which not only convinced them of the superiority of our product, it shows a 41% space savings and 29% weight savings, a significant reduction.

Product dimensions vs Zarges Aluminum case:

18.16 vs 20.5 Zarges = 1.17″ foam per side – external 23.6″
15.06 vs 20.5 Zarges = 2.72″ foam per side – external 23.6″
11.73 vs 15.0 Zarges = 1.635″ foam per side – external 16.1″

Zarges case = 15lb empty, no wheels. ~2lb/wheel = 8lb = 23lb Total

Product Dimensions vs Roto-molded Plastic case:

18.16 vs 24.0 SKB = 2.42″ foam per side – external 29.00″
15.06 vs 23.0 SKB = 3.98″ foam per side – external 27.25″
11.73 vs 17.0 SKB = 2.63″ foam per side – eternal 19.25

Roto-molded Plastic case = 32.35 lb empty, including wheels

Not only was our new customer able to fit their products into smaller, lighter cases, they were finally able to enable their products to fit down the gangway to their ship, inside the cases, something they had been previously unable to do with larger roto-molded plastic cases.

Furthermore, our lighter, smaller aluminum cases will reduce the risk to personnel and equipment, lower transport costs, and reduce flammability on shipboard application.