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Three Most Extreme Places to Take a ZARGES Case

Those with a wanderlust ingrained in their DNA feel the need to travel to all ends of the Earth. From the freezing cold arctic, to the dry hot desert, to the damp and humid jungle, these adventurers refuse to let extreme weather conditions stand in their way. Luckily, ZARGES cases feel the exact same way. As one of the top manufacturers of aluminum cases, ZARGES is the trusted method for travelers to transport their supplies wherever their journeys take them. ZARGES aluminum cases are rugged and durable, yet lightweight and easy to travel with. Wondering how? Read about 3 of the craziest places to adventure to with your ZARGES case!

1. Arctic

zarges cases arcticFor you ice-fishing, Siberian wilderness exploring, Mount Everest climbing, and all around arctic adventurers traveling to the South Pole or somewhere else ridiculously freezing cold, ZARGES cases can be trusted to keep your supplies safe. Since ZARGES is one of the top producers of aluminum cases in the market, you can trust them to be reliable, dependable, and built to last. On top of the ZARGES guarantee for high quality, the aluminum cases themselves offer amazing benefits for traveling in cold weather conditions. Durable cases are infamous for being heavy, bulky, and an all around hindrance on travel. That is where ZARGES aluminum cases are different. Since aluminum is the one of the lightest metals, you can easily carry your cases to your destination. Even though aluminum is less dense than other materials, it is also very durable and strong. The outside aluminum shell of the case will dent and absorb any impact from the case falling or getting hit by something. This makes sure your supplies don’t get damaged. So, whether you are trekking across a frozen lake to go ice-fishing, or climbing that snow-covered mountain, you can trust ZARGES cases to keep your items safe and sound.

2. Desert


One of the other great aspects of ZARGES cases is within a temperature range of -238°F to + 302°F (-150 to +150 °C), the characteristics of aluminum remain the same. So, you could go from the freezing cold arctic, to the blistering heat of the desert. When enjoying a camel ride in the Arabian desert, safariing in the Sahara, or exploring the Egyptian pyramids, ZARGES cases will keep your supplies safe from the never-ending heat. Another one of the many benefits of ZARGES cases is that under long periods of UV-radiation exposure have little-to-no impact on the aluminum material. That means, your ZARGES case can take the long, grueling hours in the heat. Aluminum’s ability to stand up to the brutal UV-radiation from the sun, coupled with the lightweight and durable aspects of the material, ZARGES cases are the go to method of transport for all you safari-seeking, pyramid-exploring, sun-loving desert adventurers out there!

3. Jungle

IMG_06022014_174722The third craziest place to take ZARGES cases are into the wild, damp, humid, and dangerous jungles of the world. Since aluminum is impervious to water vapor, the extremely humid jungle air in the heart of the Amazon can’t impact the case’s shell. ZARGES is able to manufacture a moisture tight aluminum case for those exploring waterfalls in Dominica via welding. Any experienced wilderness adventurer knows, the terrain of Tasmania is a labyrinth of extremely tall evergreen trees, roots, mud, and more. That makes having an extremely durable case that can absorb the shock of being tossed around, which, ZARGES aluminum cases do. On top of the natural strength of aluminum, ZARGES also offers customized foam inserts. This pushes ZARGES aluminum cases to be the very best method to keep your supplies safe while trekking the dangerous jungle.

For all you extreme arctic adventurers, desert explorers, jungle venturers, and any traveler in between, you can count on ZARGES aluminum cases to keep your supplies safe from anything thrown your way. Let ZARGES cases keep your items safe from extreme weather temperatures, UV-radiation exposure, water vapor, treacherous terrain, and more, all while being lightweight and durable.