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    Up-Cycling a ZARGES Case

    In our email today, we received this anecdote from Johann:

    Found the blog while doing some research when finally giving some care and attention to my Zarges veteren. I bought this large case, with its 140 rivets second-hand in Frankfurt, Germany over 40 years ago. Since then it has carefully stored and transported precious family items from Europe to Saudi Arabia and, after a few years, down to New Zealand. It has served many years out in the weather. The only part that has needed replacement were the wooden “runners” on the base. Now I have up-cycled it as a piece of vintage -industrial storage for modern interior decor by polishing away the surface oxidation to give a “satin” finish. All the rivets and latches work as they should, but it has a new lease of life as a item of beauty as well as usefulness.

    Thanks Johann, we always enjoy hearing from our happy customers!

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