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ZARGES Announces Mitraset Racklite Aluminum 19” Rackmount Solutions

ZARGES MITRASET RACKLITE Aluminum Rackmount Case for 19" Electronics April 11th, 2014, Charlotte NC, ZARGES announced the Mitraset® Racklite 19˝ rack mount transport cases.  They are designed in accordance with MIL-T 28800, MIL-STD 810, EIA and IEEE Standards. The Mitraset Racklite achieves protection class IP 65 due to seam-welded housing construction and a peripheral sealed lid.

The all-aluminum construction of the cases eliminates distortion resulting from high temperature exposure. Employing interchangeable lids and spring steel latches, the Mitraset Racklite eliminates the problem of mismatched rack-mount lids and knuckle busting latches.

The cases are watertight and aluminum provides excellent heat dissipation. The cases protect equipment against general environmental effects such as impact, shock and vibration, protection against electromagnetic interferences such as radio waves, lightning, etc., as well as general environmental effects such as heat, humidity and dust. They withstand a temperature range of -238° to 302° F; and are UV, water, weather and corrosion resistant.

“Increasing numbers of customers have requested lighter solutions that are still rugged enough to be deployed in harsh environments.  We answered by making the Mitraset Racklite 15% lighter than existing rack mount solutions which makes it ideal for programs with strict size and weight budgets.”  Said Tracy Johnson, National Marketing Manager ZARGES USA

➔ Key Benefits:

  • Size: ZARGES is a market leader with more usable internal volume per cubic foot and is easily stackable
  • Weight: Aluminum delivers excellent durability and weight savings in a smaller footprint
  • Impervious to elements: Case withstands temperature range of -238° to 302° F; UV, water, weather and corrosion resistance

Target applications include: Secure communications in oil/gas/utility industries, Land, air, and seaborne military communications, Broadcast Field Stations and Programs with strict SWaP budgets.

Mitraset® Racklite features precision-welded construction, with high-tensile aluminum sheets to which elastomeric shocks are suspended in a shock isolated frame made of extrusions. The device to be protected is inserted into this frame and screwed in. The shock isolated frame is connected to the casing via rails and rubber shock mounts, with the material and type of mount selected in accordance with requirements generally based on weight and center of gravity of the component.

Mitraset Racklite is available now.