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Zarges introduces the K470-IP 65

No chance for wetness and dust.

K 470 universal containers from ZARGES now also with water jet protection

The K 470 universal container made of aluminium – already developed in the 1950’s – is now considered a true classic within the ZARGES range and has been an archetype for many other logistics products of the long-established Weilheim company. As the latest expansion of the range of modern transport solutions, the established multi-functional box is now also offered in a water jet protected design (IP 65) and is thus the only waterproof aluminium container available on the market.

The series is already equipped with reliable rain and spraywater protection (IP 54), and the new version of the K 470 universal container can now also be used where more impermeability is required. For example, when mounted on vehicles, boats or the like, increased protection from wetness and dust is often necessary.

A further advantage: Due to the significantly higher impermeability of the innovative IP 65 variant, each container of the new series is equipped with a valve to be able to open the lid without difficulty even in case of pressure changes. In order to prevent confusion with “normal” K 470 box, the jet water protected versions are also specially labelled by ZARGES: “IP 65 Seal of Approval – Officially Certified”.

Moreover, there is an especially interesting combination of the latest K 470 additional function with the existing range of UN-approved hazardous material containers from the ZARGES logistics experts. The result: State-of-the-art reusable aluminium packaging which not only provides optimum protection from wetness and dust but is also suitable for the transport of explosive, poisonous, potentially contagious, radioactive, corrosive or flammable liquid materials.