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ZARGES Protection for Safer Camping Trips

Did you know that certain National Parks, including Yellowstone National Park, will only allow campers to bring their food supplies into the park when stored in approved bear-resistant cases? Grizzly bears are known for their intelligence and strength and ingenuity when it comes to getting food from visitors to National Parks.

To address this issue, several models of our legendary K470 Aluminum shipping and storage cases have been certified as Grizzly Bear-Resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC). This certification means that, according to the IGBC, the case was subjected to their live-bear testing protocol and successfully passed the test. This means the approved sizes of the ZARGES K470 meet minimum IGBC bear-resistant design and structural standards. These models are SKUs 40810, 40568, and 40678.

ZARGES Inc.’s National Marketing Manager Tracy Johnson asserted, “Campers, adventurers, and expeditioners have been choosing ZARGES’ K470 cases with confidence for over half a century, knowing they will protect valuable equipment and perishable supplies in a variety of hostile conditions. We are proud that our cases have met the stringent regulations put forth by the IGBC and have been officially certified as Grizzly Bear-Resistant.”

Now, when you visit Yellowstone, Yosemite, or any other of America’s national treasures, you can keep your valuables safe from prying bears. Watch the videos below to see our cases stand up in action versus groups of hungry bears.