Richard Sherman ZARGES Fan Club

I’m heading to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska from Laguna Beach, California. We’re then turning around and heading down the Continental Divide and one day, ending up somewhere down around Patagonia! My ZARGES cases are an integral part of our storage solutions. Thanks ZARGES! We’ll represent proudly!!

Richard Sherman

We take several extended back-country trips each year with at least 5 vehicles in the group.  The equipment we carry needs to survive both the rough ride and hard use.  For us, keeping our kitchen gear protected, organized and dust and moisture free is a must and the ZARGES Boxes have done just that.

Dave Kupfer / Outdoor Adventure
Ellis Vener

ZARGES makes great gear and if more traveling photographers and videographers knew about them them, they’d wonder why on earth they ever thought they needed the dead weight of heavy, non stackableplasticcases or worse, Anvil-type cases to protect their fragile gear.

Ellis Vener / Photographer

The case is AWESOME!  So awesome in fact, that twice in a row at showings down in Denver, it was commented on before the work, and people wanted to know what the story was behind it.  At a restaurant-meeting with a client, a waitress asked if I had a million dollars in cash in it.

Andrew Wilz / Wilz Foto

The trick to making aluminum work?  Packing wisely with plenty of interior padding for unequaled security for navigation, communication and photo gear.  Chalk the cost off to another form of trip insurance for distant, once-in-a-decade adventures.

Adventure Travel Luggage Buyer's Guide

Three characteristics of the ZARGES that really stood out for me: lightweight, efficient and easy. You really can’t go wrong with these cases. They’re a great example of “buy-once, bleed-once” gear that will last a lifetime.

Matt Frederick / Creative Director, Photographer, Overlander

The [ZARGES Cases] are awesome! They really have revolutionized the way we travel.

Zach Berning / Overland Gourmet