D.I.Y. Painting Zarges Case

Reading D.I.Y. Painting Zarges Case 3 minutes

 Shopping List:

  • Spray primer – self-etching recommended
  • Spray paint – outdoor rated, satin finish recommended
  • Abrasive pad (optional) – such as Scotchbrite or steel wool, fine texture
  • Painter’s tape
  • Cardboard
  • Cleaning solvent – isopropyl alcohol or paint-prep solvent
  • Lint-free rags
  • Dish soap and water (optional)
  • Rubber gloves, drop-cloth, paper towels, etc.


Prep the case

  • For superior adhesion, lightly scuff the case on all surfaces with an abrasive pad. Use small circular motions with light pressure. Protect your hands from dust. This step is optional but recommended if not using self-etching primer or the case is to used in extreme conditions.
  • Thoroughly wash the case with dish soap and water. Do not use soaps that leave wax or residue behind such as shampoo or car wash soap. Rinse thoroughly and allow it to completely dry. Use compressed air if available to blow water out from crevices. Skip this step if not scuffing the case.
  • Wipe all surfaces to be painted with a cleaning solvent and a lint-free cloth. Repeat until the rag shows no signs of dust or grime. Do not touch case with bare skin after it has been cleaned.
  • Be ready to paint immediately after case is cleaned. Aluminum creates a natural oxide layer over time that will prohibit paint adhesion if allowed to re-form.

Mask the case

  • Apply painter’s tape to the areas of the case you do not wish to be painted. It is recommended to mask the latch bales and strike plates, plastic handle grips, and the upper rim of the case mouth where the gasket touches.
  • Use multiple strips of masking tape to suspend the handles in the upward position.
  • If you wish to mask the inside of the case, cut carboard panels to fit the mouth of the case and the inside of the lid. Tape the panels in place.
  • Cover the lid straps with masking tape.
  • Remove plastic nameplates from latches if painting the latches.
  • Clean any areas of the case with solvent that appear dirty or smudged.

Prime and paint

  • Paint in a clean, dust-free, well-ventilated area. Follow all instructions provided on the product labels for use, safety precautions, and disposal.
  • Place the Zarges case on a flat, smooth, clean surface protected from overspray
  • Apply primer in an even, light pattern. Allow to dry and apply additional light coats until all surfaces are covered. Allow to completely dry.
  • Apply paint in an even, light pattern. Allow to dry and apply additional light coats until all surfaces are covered. Allow to completely dry.
  • Once paint is dry, remove masking tape.
  • Allow the paint to fully cure for 24 hours or according to product label prior to putting case in service.