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For over 75 years, ZARGES has offered superior aluminum cases, relying on engineering expertise and high quality to provide both stock and custom solutions. ZARGES delivers unparalleled protection with solutions for standard shipping and storage, rolling cases, specialty use and rackmount 19″ electronics.

ZARGES cases are used in a wide variety of applications, including protecting environmentally sensitive materials in and out of clean rooms, transporting lithium ion batteries safely, and storing and transporting drones and UAVs. They are constructed from aluminum, which offers many useful properties, including protection from impact, moisture, dust, and extreme temperatures, and many benefits, including full recyclability, easy cleaning and resistance to corrosion.

Our design and manufacturing methods allow for easily customized sizes, so customers won’t have to live with something that is too large and heavy for their needs any more. Whether it is off the shelf or a custom configuration, ZARGES can provide the optimum solution.

You may use the ZARGES Case Finder to filter cases available via e-commerce by internal dimensions, weight and price, or you may view all available sizes on our Case Sizes page.