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There are various degrees of impermeability and these are sub-divided into IP protection categories. The degree of protection is designated by a 2-digit system. The first digit denotes the degree of protection against solid substances; the second digit gives the degree of protection against water. Depending on the product line, there are containers which offer protection against water spray, IP 54 (K470), protection against water jets, IP 65 (Mitraset or K470 IP 65) as well as immersion-proof or moisture vapor proof containers IP 67 (K470).

Yes, ZARGES USA is ITAR Certified and registered with the DDTC.

Yes, models K470, K424 XC and K475 can be locked with a 6 mm shackle-type lock. In addition, lead seals using a 3 mm seal wire may be employed. Installed locks are also an option for the K470.

Yes, we offer a shackle lock with 3-digit, user-determined number combination which can be opened by USA TSA agents without damage.

ZARGES cases are rated to operate in extreme tempertures from -112°F to 302°F.

1, 1.5 or 2mm thicknesses depending on series and size of container. The equivalent would be 18 gauge, 15 gauge or 12 gauge aluminum sheet.

Tests show a maximum carrying capability of 66 lbs. per handle.

Cases with two handles are rated for 132 lbs. Cases with four handles are rated for 264 lbs.

Yes, our cases are ATA 300 certified, and many of them are available in appropriate carry-on sizes. Please be advised
that battery applications are a known exception.

Accessories range from trolleys and removable casters to standard internal fittings such as Pick’n’Pluck foam, divider sets and lid inserts to customer-specified foam inserts, vinyl toppers, and other add-ons. All accessories can be found here.


Yes, we can emboss your message or trademark using DIN standard lettering. Lettering height is approximately 3/4″, single or multiple line, with a maximum line length of approx. 16 characters. Please contact us for options.

Zarges can only certify cases at time of purchase. The cost of the test & the label is $75. We have Hazmat certification for several of the cases we offer. We are certified for packaging groups I, II, & III.

Third Party modification of any kind to the containers will not allow us to certify.

Custom UN Hazmat Tested Solutions are available.

Please contact us for more information.

Yes, Zarges is manufacturer of IATA, 49CFR, and IMDG-compliant shipping and storage cases for Li-Ion batteries in all stages of battery life. Please visit our Lithium-Ion Battery information page or contact us for assistance.

Yes, we can email you a 3D file upon request, if you contact us. You will be required to sign an NDA before we send the file.

We deliver the K475 and Mitraset unpainted as standard, because aluminum does not need paint to protect it against corrosion. However, Zarges can provide painting for an additional charge.

Aluminum pallets may be bolted on or tack welded. Wooden pallets and Secupal pallets may be bolted on.


ZargesUSA.com offers sales only within the United States and Canada. Other North American customers should call the office to arrange your purchase over the phone. Customers outside North America should contact us or visit ZARGES.com.

If you call the office to place your order, we can ship to Canada. For anywhere else outside of the US, we can ship to the customer’s freight forwarding company located within the US.

Yes, with shipping terms EX WORKS. Customer is responsible for contracting the shipper and for all customs duties and fees.

Forward a PDF copy of your certificate to sales@zargesusa.com. You may also upload it during checkout for online sales.

One Year on Workmanship. More information here.

We can create one-off customized products, but it is more cost-effective with a minimum of 25 items.

Yes, a list is available on our Manufacturer Representative page.

No, we only offer aluminum cases.


Lithium Ion Battery Protection

This is subject to the battery chemistry and capacity. Please contact us with details on the battery.

While you can charge the battery inside the case, there is not a fully integrated charging solution. We recommend storing batteries at a 30% state of charge and always monitoring when charging.

The efoil battery case is derived from the standard 40849 K470. It is not a custom size.

The Cirrux can be removed, however it is sold as a fixed solution and not intended to be removed.

Zarges utilizes a Fire-Resistant Anti-Static (FRAS) foam in our Battery Case Solutions. We can equip the case with liners, or full custom insert.

This ultimately depends on the size and weight of your battery. Please contact us with a battery data sheet for more information.

While there is no known maximum, the case is rated and tested for over 1,000 watt hrs in a single case. High Watt hr configurations are available.

The hazmat certification is a test that ensures the aluminum thickness is up to standard with previously test cases adequate for hazardous material transport. The case is tested in a few different locations.

UN3480 – Battery Alone

UN 3481 – Battery Packed within equipment. (Laptop for example)

A UN 38.3 tested battery can be shipped cargo aircraft inside a hazmat certified PG1 enclosure. Prototypes and DDR batteries have little to no success shipping cargo air.

No. Prototype batteries should receive UN 38.3 testing before they are capable of shipping air.

No. Critically defective batteries involve far more risk than other batteries. The best option for shipping DDR batteries is road, rail, or vessel.

The FRAS and/or cirrux is not required to contain thermal events, however some type of additional suppression material is highly recommended in any battery storage/transport scenario.


Our Data Sheets and Catalogs page contains catalogs, data sheets, case studies, white papers, certifications and test reports. If you want a printed catalog, please request one via the contact form.

The Zarges case is approved for air travel/shipping as a Packaging Group 1 (PG1) certified enclosure.

The Zarges K470 is rated as a PG1 enclosure, the highest available rating from the UN.