Zarges Celebrates 90 Years of Improving Lives with Aluminum

Zarges Celebrates 90 Years of Improving Lives with Aluminum

Why is ZARGES the industry leader in aluminum case manufacturing? It starts with the details. Learn more on our blog.
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Stronger than ever, 2023 marks Zarges’ 90th year of bringing metal innovation to corporate drawing boards, manufacturing factory floors, and the hearts (and homes) of consumers worldwide. Founded in 1933, Walther Zarges broke open the materials market with a radical dream to make day-to-day life easier with safe, durable, ergonomically advanced products constructed with lightweight aluminum. He first launched with ladders and cases, which remain the company’s primary offerings to this day.

Zarges set the box benchmark early across consumer, military/government, and commercial/industrial markets by quickly mastering the balance between aesthetic elegance and functional grit. By 1951, the company had achieved its 100th industry patent, giving rise to a new era in collapsible metal cases. The novelty of folding a case down (when empty) to one-sixth its original volume has yet to wear off, attributing yet another box innovation milestone to Zarges.

Close to a century later, Zarges continues to lead the way in the mass-production of S-M-L-XL-XXL cases that maximize aluminum’s high stability, low weight, corrosion resistance, and flexibility properties. Zarges hard cases keep gear organized and secure, allowing people to focus on the creativity and success of missions and projects.

Timeless Ingenuity + Modern Design = Unmistakably Zarges
Zarges believes in the product-to-human connection and takes seriously the job of making cases as strong as the communities they serve. Zarges never compromises on quality or value, and is meticulous when it comes to features and performance.
You know you’re buying the best when choosing a Zarges aluminum case solution. Specifically designed for every need and situation, no aspect goes unchecked.

  • Each handle is load tested to endure 66+ pounds (30kg) of push-and-pull.
  • Impenetrable latches are tested 20,000+ times to ensure the security of what’s inside.
  • Continuous, gap-free lid seal complements latches to further protect case contents.
  • Stacking corners with reinforced beading withstand 2,200 pounds (1,000kg).
  • All-around joint riveting and smooth welding ensure strength and safety.
  • Interior foam cushions cradle case contents with the ultimate in feather-bed care.
  • Dust and water resistance classifications meet requirements set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to defend against splashes, spills, and the elements.

For recreation or commercial use to transport anything—personal effects to movie cameras, hazardous materials to combat equipment, and much more by land, air or sea—the Zarges brand is synonymous with reliability, security, and portability.

Camping, Overlanding, Off-Road Adventure Spotlight!
Three aluminum shipping and storage cases are grizzly bear-resistant certified, which means national parks and environmentally conscious havens permit campers to bring food when stored in approved K470 Zarges cases.

All aluminum boxes are not created equal. We’d love to hear how you’re getting out there and using Zarges to store and transport coveted items. Share your story here!