DIY Foam Fill

Why DIY?

The Zarges ‘2.2 lb. Polyethylene Foam Fill Set’ is great for Do-It-Yourself customizations at home! The kit provided will come with various layers of high density, durable Polyethylene Foam in varying thicknesses.

How To?

To customize your DIY foam, simply lay your equipment on the foam – utilize tape, chalk, or some form of marking to trace your equipment, and a sharp blade to cut away each layer! You can simply measure the thickness of your item to determine how many layers to cut or lay your object on a level surface beside the foam to determine thickness.

What's Needed?

Zarges would recommend utilizing the following items to complete your customizations:
• 9mm Precision Ultra-Sharp Snap-Off Blades (not included)
• 3m Spray-90 Adhesive (not included)
• Alcohol Based Solvent (not included)


DIY Foam Fill Instructions