one case - countless missions

One case countless missions

Zarges + KOR

What Is VRS® Technology?

VRS® (Vacuum Rigidizing Structure) technology shields valuable assets by encapsulating contents so that movement does not occur during transport. VRS will also absorb impact or vibration energy, further protecting your gear while also reducing weight by 40% and tripling interior volume when compared to foam.

Why Choose VRS® Technology?

  • Secure transport: cargo is safeguarded from lateral and vertical movement in transit.
  • Durable and adaptable: surface is constructed of a MIL-SPEC textile that does not retain water, oil, or other contaminants and is easy to clean between uses. VRS is thermally stable and tested for temperatures -10° F to +120° F.
  • Ultimate protection: provides superior reduction of impact and vibration.
  • Sustainability: VRS is reusable and infinitely customizable, cancelling out any need for consumable packaging materials and production waste.


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