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K470 Plus
K470 Plus
K470 Plus


Weight: 23.1 lb
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ZARGES K470 PLUS Two-Part Aluminum Shipping and Storage Case

The ZARGES K470 PLUS two-part aluminum shipping and storage case is a system made up of two easily combined base and hood units, making it ideal for easy access and equipment that needs to be operated inside the case. The K470 PLUS provides greater versatility with all of the standard features of the ZARGES K470, including anodized aluminum, corner beading, snap fasteners with optional locks, stainless steel hinges, welded profile section joints, and integrated seals to protect against dust and moisture.

  • Two standard footprints available: 23.6" x 15.7" & 31.5" x 23.6"
  • Removable top section and lid with all-round seal
  • Top section features a lid with stainless steel hinge, lid straps, and an all-round seal
  • Aluminum stacking corners, stackable with K470, K440, and K424 XC cases.
  • Corner beading and profile-section joints are fully welded
  • Ergonomic, heavy-duty sprung drop handles can support up to 110 lbs.
  • 20 standard exterior colors available for an additional charge

With the K470 PLUS, ZARGES has created an innovative packaging concept: a two-part transportation system, consisting of an upper and a lower section. This allows you to combine elements of different heights, creating a whole new range of possibilities. The cases are designed for the transportation and storage of heavy equipment, particularly equipment that is operated in the case, such as camera flash units, printers, measuring equipment, generators, and other similar items.

This setup provides many benefits: the equipment does not have to be lifted out of the case, you have easy access to the contents of the case at any point during transport, and if the equipment does have to be lifted out of the case, the K470 PLUS reduces the lifting distance, because the top section can be removed.

Choose from a variety of accessories to complete your case, from fittings, dividers, and pockets to organize the interior, locks, and seals for increased safety, and casters and dollies for improved mobility. ZARGES can provide additional custom options, like finishes, branding, and foam linings, by request.

ZARGES K470 PLUS Components:

40500 - Base:


40501 - Hood Compatible with 40500:


40502 - Hood Compatible with 40500:


40503 - Base:


40504 - Base:


40505 - Hood Compatible with 40503 or 40504:


40506 - Hood Compatible with 40503 or 40504:

ZARGES K470 PLUS Applications:

ZARGES K470 PLUS General Features:

  • Stackable aluminum universal case
  • Depending on height, beading all round and corner beading for extra stability
  • ZARGES Comfort fasteners can be secured with a plug lock, lead seals, spring anti-opening feature, or a padlock (max. shackle thickness 6 mm).
  • Ergonomic, heavy-duty sprung drop handles can support up to 110 lbs.
  • Clearance dimensions approx. 1.2 inches less than the inside dimensions