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The ZARGES K475 is the most rugged and durable case available on the market. The cases offer an IP rating of 67, with an integrated pressure release valve and humidity indicator. The cases provide a high level of EMI shielding, which may be further enhanced, and may also be UN Certified for the transport of hazardous goods. For the most critical missions and harshest environments, the K475 is the ultimate choice in reusable packaging for protecting your sensitive goods and equipment.

    • Seal-welded case, tightness IP67
    • Removable lid with self-locking spring fasteners
    • Ergonomic heavy-duty sprung drop handles
    • Pressure relief valve with humidity indicator
    • EMI shielding available

ZARGES K475 UN HazMat Approved EMI Shielded Aluminum Case

The ZARGES K475 is the most durable aluminum shipping, storage and transit case available on the market. The cases are engineered to the highest standards for durability and environmental resistance. They are designed as water and dust protective packaging for sensitive assemblies and equipment. They are available in ten standard sizes and may be custom ordered to your individual specifications. UN HazMat Certification available. Ready to take on the critical missions and harsh environments, the K475 aluminum shipping and storage case can meet the challenge!

The case passed the shielding requirements of 60dB from 150kHz to 18GHz. The tests were performed at Chomerics, Inc. of Woburn MA.  As a custom option, K475 cases can be fitted with a EMI shielding gasket made from Chomerics CHO-SEAL 1285, which is silver-plated aluminum in silicone and provides additional shielding between 90-110 dB. You may request the EMI test results via the EMI Shielding tab below.

There are a wide variety of custom order accessories and fittings available, including a manometer, VA coupling for filling with inert gas, custom foam lining and inserts, HF sealing cord, desiccant compartment and cartridges, decompression opening, pallet base, and a document compartment.

ZARGES K475 Applications:

    • Industry and Manufacturing
    • Military, Aerospace and Government
    • Rugged Environments
    • Satellites
    • Science and Research

ZARGES K475 Key Features:

    • Stackable reusable packaging of corrosion-resistant aluminum
    • Continuous seal integrated into lid
    • Sturdy stacking corners on base and lid
    • EMI shielding available
    • Clearance dimensions approx. 1.25” less than inside dimensions

K475 EMI Test Results

K475 EMI shielding effectiveness


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