ZARGES Lift eFoil battery case
SKU: 6001582 - 40849
ZARGES Lift eFoil battery case
SKU: 6001582 - 40849
ZARGES case for Lift Foil eFoil batteries
SKU: 6001582 - 40849


Lift eFoil Battery Case – Single Battery

Weight: 15.0 lb
Sale price$700.00 USD

***Please Note: The Zarges Single Battery eFoil case is expected to be in stock approximately November 5th, 2022.  For urgent inquiries, please contact us at or 704-357-6285 to discuss a possible alternative.  The two battery case is available now.

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Protect your valuable Lift eFoil batteries! This rugged ZARGES case is based on our legendary K470 family of cases. We start with our rugged 40849 case, we add a fire-retardant foam liner to protect against accidental ignition, and UN HazMat Certification to ensure the robustness and integrity of the case.


The case provides compliance to IMDG, IATA, and 49CFR requirements for safe storage and transportation of Lithium batteries. The fire-resistant cases also carry UN HazMat Certification and protection against dust, moisture, extreme temperatures, corrosion, and cracks. As regulations are constantly changing, always check with your air carrier in advance of travel. Learn more about Lift Foils eFoil products at the Lift Foil website.