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Zarges + Hunting, Firearms, & Shooting Sports

Wherever your gear needs to go, a Zarges case is the perfect companion to get it there safely while maintaining optimal use of space and weight. Zarges cases make it easy to safely and securely travel with your firearms and gear no matter where your adventure leads you.

You will immediately notice the advantages Zarges cases have over conventional firearm cases at first use.


  • 50% lighter than plastic cases*
  • 70% lighter than roadie cases*
  • 2-7x greater tensile strength than plastic cases*
  • Temperature range of -228° to 302° F; UV, water, weather and corrosion resistance
  • 15%-20% greater interior volume than plastic cases in a smaller footprint
  • Standard IP54 or upgradeable to IP65
  • IGBC (Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee) models available
  • Cases constructed of extra strong 5005 alloy aluminum sheeting
  • Rugged, fully-welded profile frame
  • Will not warp or crack
  • Ergonomic spring-loaded handles
  • Over 50 standard sizes available

*details here

With various locking mechanisms available your gear Zarges case will offer top of the line protection let you protect your equipment from theft with various locking mechanisms available.

Watch how avid hunter Keith Warren uses a Zarges case for his firearm storage and transport here.

KOR Demo Video

Olympic Markswoman

Lexi Lagan

"When I saw the beautiful silver finish of the Zarges case and heard about the customization options that were available, I had to know more."

Lexi Lagan